Resynchronize all products

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This will be done in three steps. First you must delete all products in iZettle and then remove all UUIDs linking a product in WooCommerce to products in iZettle. The final step is to synchronize all products from WooCommerce to iZettle.

Delete all iZettle products

Login into your iZettle account a go to Products .

Check to top left checkbox to select all products. Then click Delete/Remove button.


Remove UUIDs

In your WooCommerce go to iWooCommerce->iZettle. Enable debug mode.


Click on Products tab. Then click on Clear products mapping.

This will remove the link to between WooCommerce products and iZettle products.



Resynchronize all products

In WooCommerce->iZettle on Bulk tab, click Sync All.

Then wait till all products are synchronized.