iZettle Installation guide


System ​requirements

Requirement Minimum Minimum Recommended
PHP 7.1 7.1.5
PHP cURL extension Unknown latest w/ OpenSSL
MySQL 5.6 latest
WordPress 4.0 latest
WooCommerce 3.0 latest
WP memory limit 64 MB 128 MB or higher

Downloading ​and ​installing ​the ​plugin

After ​you ​have ​obtained ​the ​plugin ​.zip ​file ​(the ​filename ​should ​be ​woocommerce-izettle.zip) you ​have ​to ​upload ​and ​activate ​the ​plugin ​in ​your ​WordPress ​admin ​area.

  1. Go ​to ​your ​WordPress ​admin ​area ​plugins ​page
  2. Press ​“Add ​New” ​in ​the ​top ​left ​corner.
  3. Press ​“Choose ​File”, ​and ​select ​the ​plugin ​zip ​file ​that ​you ​have ​obtained.
  4. Press ​“Install ​Now” ​and ​the ​installation ​will ​begin.
  5. When ​the ​installation ​is ​complete, ​press ​the ​“Activate” ​button ​on ​the ​plugin.

Getting ​a ​license ​key

To ​be ​able ​to ​use ​the ​plugin, ​you ​will ​have ​to ​purchase ​a ​license ​key ​from ​Onlineforce. You ​can ​obtain ​a ​license ​key ​on ​the ​Onlineforce ​marketplace:


After ​your ​purchase, ​you ​will ​receive ​an ​e-mail ​with ​the ​license ​key.

Connecting ​to ​iZettle

The ​next ​step ​is ​to ​connect ​your ​WordPress ​site ​to ​the ​iZettle ​API. ​This ​is ​done ​from ​the plugin ​settings ​page.

The ​plugin ​must ​always ​have ​a ​valid ​connection ​to ​the ​iZettle ​API. ​You ​can ​view ​the ​current connection ​status ​in ​the ​plugin ​settings ​page.

When ​you ​first ​install ​the ​plugin ​and ​press ​the ​“Connect ​to ​iZettle” ​button, ​a ​new ​tab ​opens ​in your ​browser ​asking ​you ​to ​either ​sign ​into ​your ​iZettle ​account, ​or ​if ​you ​are ​already ​signed in, ​to ​approve ​the ​permissions ​that ​the ​integration ​needs.

When ​you ​approve ​the ​integration, ​an access ​token ​is ​retrieved ​and ​saved ​to ​your ​WordPress site. ​This ​access ​token ​is ​used ​for ​all ​further ​communication ​with ​iZettle, ​until ​it ​expires, which ​is ​usually ​two ​hours ​after ​the ​access ​token ​was ​retrieved. ​The ​plugin ​will automatically ​request ​a ​new ​access ​token ​if ​the ​previous ​one ​has ​expired.

Getting​ ​started

The ​plugin ​settings ​page

The ​plugin ​settings ​page ​is ​located ​in ​the ​left ​menu ​under WooCommerce - iZettle. The ​settings ​page ​is ​structured ​as ​different ​tabs, ​where ​you ​define ​how ​each ​part ​of ​the plugin ​works.

The ​plugin ​has ​several features ​that ​you ​can ​enable ​and ​disable ​at ​your ​will. ​You ​can, ​for example, ​choose ​to ​only ​sync ​product ​stock ​just ​before ​viewing ​a ​product ​with ​the ​Inventory module, ​or ​go ​all ​in ​and ​let ​the ​plugins ​scheduler ​sync ​the ​inventory ​in ​the ​background ​if ​you enable ​the ​“Cron ​/ ​interval ​fetching” ​module.

The ​first ​section ​under ​the ​general ​tab ​is ​where ​you ​enter ​your ​plugin ​license ​key, ​and connect ​to ​iZettle.

If ​both ​the ​license ​key ​field ​and ​the ​iZettle ​API ​connection ​button ​is ​green, ​your ​site ​is connected ​and ​you ​are ​ready ​to ​use ​the ​integration.


To login press the "Click to connect"-button.


Now you will be redirected to iZettles login page for third party integrations.

Login to your iZettle account with your iZettle-credentials.

After login you will be prompted with the permissions to give to plugin. Press "Approve"


Now you will be redirected to iZettle plugin settings again.

Do not press "Save" as this will clear all authorization data.

Reload the page.

Syncing ​products ​from ​WooCommerce ​to ​iZettle

You can either synchronize one product at the time or synchronize from a product list.

There is also a function for synchronizing all products at one time.

Please keep in mind that if there are products in iZettle and no synchronization from WooCommerce has been done before a new product will be created in iZettle. This can lead to duplicates in iZettle

If you already have products in iZettle you can "match" products in WooCommerce and iZettle by SKU(Articlenumber).

This will prevent duplicates.

Bulk sync

We ​understand ​that ​this ​is ​a ​tedious ​process, ​but ​you ​can ​do ​the ​same ​thing ​from ​the plugin settings ​page ​under ​the “Products” ​tab. ​You ​can ​trigger ​a ​bulk-sync ​of ​all ​your WooCommerce ​product ​to ​iZettle ​by ​pressing “Sync ​all ​WooCommerce ​products ​to ​iZettle”.


Products table

Here, ​you ​can ​see ​the ​current ​sync ​status ​for ​each ​product, ​and ​you ​can ​manually sync ​or update each ​product ​to ​iZettle.


Automatic sync WooCommerce to Izettle

You ​can ​also ​enable ​auto ​syncing ​of ​products. ​If ​this ​option ​is ​enabled, ​the ​plugin ​will automatically ​sync ​a ​product ​to ​iZettle ​as ​soon ​as ​it ​is ​saved ​in ​WooCommerce. ​Only products ​/ ​variants ​that ​have ​been ​synced ​previously ​will ​be ​automatically ​synced ​when saved.


There ​is ​also ​the ​option ​to ​enable ​barcode ​fields ​for ​all ​products ​and ​variants ​in WooCommerce. ​If ​you ​enable ​this, ​you ​will ​be ​able ​to ​enter ​a ​barcode ​/ ​EAN ​number ​for ​your WooCommerce ​products, ​and ​then ​they ​will ​be ​scannable ​from ​the ​iZettle ​app. ​If ​you ​want to, ​you ​can ​press ​the ​“Generate ​barcodes ​for ​all ​WooCommerce ​products” ​button, ​and ​the plugin ​will ​create ​“fake” ​EAN-13 ​numbers ​for ​all ​your ​WooCommerce ​products. ​You ​still ​have to ​print ​the ​barcodes ​yourself, ​but ​we ​recommend ​“WooCommerce ​DYMO ​Print” ​if ​you ​have a ​label ​printer ​from ​DYMO. https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-dymo-print/

Keeping​ ​inventory​ ​stock​ ​in​ ​sync

The ​plugin ​is ​able ​to ​keep ​your ​WooCommerce ​and ​iZettle ​products ​stock ​levels ​in ​sync. You ​can ​choose ​to ​pull ​inventory ​from ​iZettle, ​push ​inventory ​to ​iZettle, ​or ​both.

To ​be ​able ​to ​use ​the ​inventory ​module, ​you ​first ​have ​to ​enable ​it ​from ​the ​plugin ​settings page ​under ​the ​“General” ​tab. ​Simply ​check ​the ​“Inventory” ​checkbox ​under ​modules.

If ​“Pull ​inventory” ​is ​enabled, ​a ​products ​stock ​quantity ​will ​be ​fetched ​from ​iZettle ​every ​time the ​product ​is ​added ​to ​a ​customers ​cart. ​The ​stock ​level ​will ​also ​be ​fetched ​from ​iZettle when ​an ​admin ​views ​the ​product ​in ​wp-admin.

If ​“Push ​inventory” ​is ​enabled, ​a ​products ​stock ​quantity ​will ​be ​pushed ​to ​iZettle ​as ​soon ​as it ​changes ​in ​WooCommerce. ​This ​can ​be ​when ​a ​product ​is ​ordered ​or ​when ​you ​manually increase ​the ​stock ​level ​from ​the ​products ​edit ​page, ​or ​when ​a ​product ​is ​refunded. ​It ​can even ​be ​triggered ​from ​other ​plugins ​that ​manipulate ​WooCommerce ​product ​stock.